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An imprint of Double Dragon Publishing


Blood Moon Publishing, a subsidiary of Double Dragon Publishing, offers works of horror and suspense targeting mature, sophisticated, twisted readers who enjoy disturbing yet well written stories of the occult. Not for the faint of heart. Some of these stories may result in heart throbbing night sweats.

Authors: be sure to read our submission guidelines before submitting a manuscript.

We are looking for horror novels that feature both high literary quality and supremely original story lines with well-developed characters and situations.

We will accept submissions from both published and unpublished authors, but we require that all authors who submit manuscripts rigorously adhere to our submission guidelines. We welcome authors who do not enjoy the services of an agent!

We are especially desirous of receiving cross-genre works: those combining horror with erotica, fantasy, historical fiction, action/adventure, science-fiction, etc. We take pride in featuring the work of authors who triumphantly cross the boundaries set by the establishment press.

--Blood Moon Publishing 2014.