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The Namban Group of Japanese Sword Guards: A Reappraisal [Soft Cover]
Prior to their redefinition by Ogawa in 1987, the Namban group of tsuba had received scant attention from scholars. In part, this had been due to the lack of a clearly defined categorisation, making systematic attribution of the group difficult and thus preventing coherent study of the corpus as   ...more
The Single Mom’s Survival Guide
Are you a single mom?Me too. I've been raising two kids on my own for about two and a half years now. It hasn't always been easy, but when my daughter comes up behind me to hug me and tell me I'm the best mom in the world, it sure is worth it!I've learned a lot since I've been on my own.  ...more
Through the Eyes of Angel Leigh
SARA DULANEY PUGH is a young Christian woman who has been seeing and speaking to the dead since she was three-years-old. As she grew older, Sara’s difference frightened her, making her think she was a “devil child.” But   ...more
Tinsel Wilderness
EBook Format True stories from John Klawitter, Hollywood writer-producer-director. Whether you’re pitching some famous old witch doctor who owns a big animation production company, or sending a query letter to a 25-year-old cannibal prince who lucked into being the head  ...more
Understanding Low-Carb Dieting
Understanding Low-Carb Dieting LOW CARBOHYDRATE DIETING FOR YOUR DAY TO DAY LIVING There has been so much talk about Low Carbohydrate dieting that it is no wonder many people are confused. Understanding Low-Carb Dieting will show you the basics of a low carbohydrate diet. It will not   ...more
Without a Fear of Words
Lazette Gifford, Managing Editor of Vision: A Resource for Writers (http://lazette.net/vision) and the owner/site administrator of Forward Motion for Writers (http://fmwriters.com ), presents a collection of essays on the philosophy and act of writing. The collection of short essays covers everythin  ...more
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