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Margaret’s Diary
Robert W. Birch

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ISBN-10: 1-55404-588-6
ISBN-13: 978-1-554045-88-4
Genre:  Romance/Paranormal
eBook Length:  158  Pages
Published:  July 2008

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From Inside the Flap

Kevin, an aspiring author, finds the diary of Margaret, a widow who died at age ninety. He quickly discovers that the woman’s young, sexy ghost intends to use her personal journal to tell her story and elicit help. Kevin and Cathy, his amorous, passionate wife, discover the details of the tragic death of Margaret’s only child: a gay man murdered at forty-two.

Unable to join her son and husband until someone solves the murder, Margaret communicates by leaving cryptic clues. Will Kevin and Cathy pinpoint the killer and release Margaret?

Kevin, an aspiring author who works as a mover of furniture, finds the diary of Margaret, a widow who died at age ninety with no surviving family. On seeing Margaret’s youthful-appearing ghost, Kevin manages to quell his fear when he realizes that the sexy apparition means him no harm. He quickly discovers that the recently deceased woman’s ghost plans to use her personal journal as her way of eliciting his help. Kevin and his wife Cathy, two young, uninhibited, amorous spouses whose passionate love for each other forms the main reason for their being selected as helpers by the sexy female ghost, discover the details of the tragic death of Margaret’s only child: a gay man who was stabbed to death in 1983 at the age of forty-two. When they learn that the bigoted Chief of Police of that time hid evidence and buried the case, their resolve to identify the killer hardens further.

Convinced that Margaret will never be able to join her son and husband until the murderer of their son is found, Kevin and Cathy discover that Margaret communicates by causing cryptic clues to appear. They find that Margaret retains a sense of humor, a lively curiosity about sex, and a delightful giggle. As the two ardent lovers conduct their investigation, their efforts bring them even closer, emotionally. Their awareness that Margaret observes their bouts of energetic, passionate lovemaking fails to bother them in the least.

Kevin and Cathy put together a team, including the retired detective who investigated the murder. During the past twenty-five years, the detective has nursed guilt arising from his having failed to protest the Chief’s closing the unsolved case. The current Chief of Police joins the team, along with a number of gay males. The team members follow false leads and find themselves forced to reinterpret clues, but the search finally leads to a shocking revelation, justice for Margaret and the man murdered so long ago, and a deepening of the emotional bond uniting Kevin and Cathy.