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A Perfect Alibi
Marilynn Byerly

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ISBN-13: ----
Genre:  Mystery/Suspense/Thriller
eBook Length:  15  Pages
Published:  March 2005

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From Inside the Flap

When is a perfect alibi not so perfect? Cody Callahan and defense attorney Travis Longstreet must answer this question to save grandmotherly Lucille Prettyman from murder charges.



"A while after Sam and I came back into the kitchen, I went alone to check on Mr. Kirby,? Lucille said. ?That was around 4:45. His color wasn?t right. He was pale and sweating. He was in a hypoglycemic coma. I called an ambulance and did what I could until they came."

"So they believe you killed him then." Cody studied the other woman.

"Yes,? Travis answered. ?Only Lucille didn?t have anyone with her at that critical time as witness or alibi."

"Why was he killed at all?? Cody asked. ?He was an old man dying...."

"He had years left if someone hadn?t killed him." Angry sparks flickered in Lucille’s eyes as she spoke.

"Sugar, you keep shoving that pretty neck further into the noose." His face flushed with emotion, Sam said, "I?ll tell you why Jeffie killed him then. Two days before, Jeffie came to visit. He acted like he was high on something. They had an awful fight, and he left in a fury. Mr. Kirby asked me to call his attorney to make an appointment. Mr. Kirby was cutting that boy out of his will."