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The Musings of Four Muses
Lazette Gifford

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ISBN-13: ----
Genre:  Self Help/Fantasy/SF
eBook Length:  8  Pages
Published:  January 2005

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From Inside the Flap

The annual convention of the Fable, Fiction and Fantasy Muses has started in Atlantis... And this year there are going to be a few changes! The Musing of Four Muses is a cautionary tale for writers who ignore their gifts.



Once upon a time the muses of Fable, Fiction and Fantasy gathered in the legendary land of Atlantis....

And they had such a great time that now every July they gather in Atlantis for a week long convention. Unless their human is in the throes of a monumental bestseller, none of the muses miss the gathering and the chance to preview the new forms of poetry and fiction that will hit the ether in the next few months.

The muses leave a little sprinkling of inspiration behind, and for years no one was the wiser, although in the age of Internet -- with so many writers in contact with each other -- it’s become apparent that a great deal of imagination inexplicably disappears for a few days in mid-July.

Shepherding writers -- never the most stable of humans to begin with -- through their precarious careers takes fortitude and patience, both of which need replenishing from time to time. So, for one short week the muses spend their days in seminars on such topics as Engaging Humans in Rewrites, and New Forms of Dream Focus.

At the end of the opening ceremonies, the Fates single out the top five muses for their outstanding successes in the previous year.

This year’s surprise was David. Last year he had been Yuri -- Muses take the names of their humans. Yuri had been a morose Muse given to sitting in dark corners and reciting his human’s bad Russian poetry. (The fact that the human Yuri had been born in New Jersey and never traveled farther than Trenton, nor had taken a course in the language, did not help.)

In fact, the Muse had been Yuri for eleven excruciating years of angst and self-doubt until his human finally burned his poetry and decided to become a dancer instead. Yuri had willingly handed him over to a rather hesitant older dance muse. Then he surprised everyone by taking on a kid just out of high school and in one spectacular year took the boy through the entire course from the shaky first draft to a spectacular first sale. It had been wondrous to see, and an inspiration for the entire community -- many of whom had been working for years to do what David managed in so short a time.

After the ceremonies, four muses who had known each other forever (or as close as you can get in this reality) met at their favorite tavern, The Red Pen. They always met to reminisce about old times and relate the progress they?d had over the last year. Some years had been good and they?d all had successes with their assigned humans in the past. Unfortunately, this generation hadn?t been particularly good for any of them.