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Betty Bain

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ISBN-13: ----
Genre:  Humor/Speculative/Non-Fiction
eBook Length:  7  Pages
Published:  October 2006

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From Inside the Flap

This is the first in a series of short (true) stories detailing the humorous events within the lives of Darrell and Betty Bain. This story takes us to the first dinner party for the Newlyweds, or as Betty stated:

"... [this] was only the first cooking disaster on the road to many more in the first years... However, I can assure you, she is a superb cook now!" ~ Darrell Bain




When I married back in 1949 I felt I had all the requisites for making a husband happy with my culinary expertise. After all, I could cook two dishes, fudge and spaghetti, and had taken two semesters of home economics (domestic science) in high school. Besides that, my mother had taught me to wash dishes, so I knew I could clean up after myself in the kitchen.

After two weeks of fudge and spaghetti, my husband gently introduced me to a heretofore untouched wedding present, Betty Crocker’s Cookbook. It was such a pretty red and white plaid color I hadn’t wanted to use it and possibly get it soiled.

However…swallowing my chagrin, I gingerly opened it and was immediately overwhelmed by words that had never crossed my culinary horizon. It was almost like reading in a foreign language, seeing such expressions as braise, sauté, broil and all sorts of other funny words I had never heard of.