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Betty Bain

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ISBN-13: ----
Genre:  Non-Fiction/Non-Fiction
eBook Length:  14  Pages
Published:  November 2006

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From Inside the Flap

Darrell and Betty Bain spent a year working in Saudi Arabia. While there, they took two vacations, one to Damascus and one to Bangkok. Betty wrote letters to the folks back home describing what they saw and did. Darrell was so impressed with his wife’s descriptive powers that he made copies of the letters. They’ve remained in his files for almost twenty seven years now. While embarking on a remodeling of their office, Darrell found the letters and re-typed them, then submitted them for publication so that others might enjoy Betty’s letters, too.

This is her first letter, describing their vacation to Damascus, Syria. It’s been a while and perhaps the city has changed some, but its well worth reading Betty’s talented prose as she relates their experiences and describes the city.




As I guess you’ve heard, we really had a good time on our trip to Damascus. We drove from here to Amman, Jordan and then took a taxi to Damascus, Syria.

Amman is a new city only about 50 years old and built on the site of an Ammonite village (remember, David’s army fought them). It is very clean and modern, built on seven hills (or small mountains), so streets are up and down and all around. It’s quite exciting driving there for insecure Americans! The hills are solidly covered with houses, shops and streets in a stairstep method up the sides.

At night Amman is just beautiful. We had been driving trough the darkness and all at once topped this hill and a fairyland of lights were shining out beyond us. However-once we were in the city the fairyland dissolved into unfamiliar streets and we promply got lost. After driving around the hills for a while we finally gave up and hired a taxi for $4.00 to lead us to our hotel-and it was well worth it! By this time it was 11:00 P.M. and we were starved.

Like almost everyone just out of Saudi Arabia, we ordered real drinks (not the stuff clandestinely concocted from grape juice and sugar we’d been drinking) and ham steaks! Once we saw the ham on the menu, we didn’t look any further-by this time it had been four months since any sort of pork had passed our lips. Darrell had bought a liter of beer once we were into Jordan, but he learned quickly that there are no comfort or filling stations on that highway. Finally, in desperation, we had pulled off on a desert trail, turned off the lights and he went! He didn’t make that mistake again!

We had planned to ride the bus from Amman to Damascus but couldn’t get a seat the next morning, so we hired a car to take us for $45.00, but again well worth it. However…