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Bangkok Memories
Betty Bain

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ISBN-13: ----
Genre:  Non-Fiction/Historical
eBook Length:  8  Pages
Published:  March 2007

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From Inside the Flap

My wife, Betty, has a very good visual sense, much better than mine, and is able to translate remembered scenes into written form so well that you practically think you’re there. This is the second of two letters she wrote about our vacations while we were working in Saudi Arabia. This one describes Bangkok; the other was about Damascus. It’s been many years since we were in Bangkok, but my oldest son tells me about the only difference nowadays is that everyone has cell phones! So, without further comment from me, here’s Betty. DB.

Tabuk, Saudi Arabia


This is a summary of our trip to Bangkok which I will photocopy and mail to all and save myself from having to write the same thing seven times. Please don’t feel slighted at receiving a copy.




This is a summary of our trip to Bangkok which I will photocopy and mail to all and save myself from having to write the same thing seven times. Please don’t feel slighted at receiving a copy.

We had a super fantastic time because: #1-it was so inexpensive! #2-The fresh fruits, vegetables and seafood were superb. #3-It rained every day but one but we were having such a good time it didn’t bother us a bit. #4-The people were polite, friendly and liked Americans! #5-It was green, a much appreciated contrast from the Saudi desert, and had trees, flowers and all sorts of luxuriant vegetation. #6-No one tried to rip us off, or not much, anyway. #7-It does, in places, look like "Anna and the King of Siam. #8-The food was wonderful: Thai, Chinese, American, and lots of seafood (fantastic fish and lobster, ham and bacon and not a single bad or even fair meal. #9--The shopping was unbelievable with amazing variety and low prices. They did bargain, which Darrell really enjoyed. #10-It was inexpensive. #11-The hotel, shops and restaurants had great service. #12-Jewelry was beautiful and available everywhere. #13-Gorgeous silk material was available in all colors and prints. #14-Drinks were all made with fresh fruits and we never paid over $1.50 for them, and some as low as $0.75. #15-Fresh pineapple, oranges and bananas were served every morning with breakfast-only thirty five cents.

The only bad thing that happened the whole trip was getting there and back. Our stupid travel agent hadn’t confirmed a single airline or hotel reservation. We even had to buy new tickets in one place, and were held up three days coming home in a terribly expensive, inept place: Bahrain. But even if we knew we’d have the same problems, we’d do it again without question!

Bangkok is a pretty, ugly, clean, dirty, quiet or noisy city, depending on where you are. It is an unbelievably crowded city and apparently all five million people get on the streets at 5:00 P.M. We spent three hours in a downpour with flooded streets one afternoon trying to get to another hotel. Ordinarily it wouldn’t have taken more than ten minutes. There are no tall buildings; probably ten stories is the tallest. There is really no central business district as we think of it. There are terrible areas of poverty, with huts and shacks, especially in the refugee area. Human labor is very plentiful and quite cheap. Our English speaking guide worked from 5:30 in the morning until seven at night. She made ten dollars a day and was considered well paid.